The reason why the green water ghost is more popular than the same quality black water ghost-replica rolex watches

The reason why the green water ghost is more popular than the blackwater ghost of the same quality, has a great relationship with its own emerald green, the emerald green is relatively fresh, the audience from the younger generation in the 20s to the middle-aged uncle are Eat all, lowering the age of the consumer group. Then there is the emerald green more charming, especially under the light, the beauty is not square.

The Rolex Green Water Ghost and the Black Water Ghost are all equipped with the Rolex 3135 movement of the replica Rolex company. This is a king movement known as the automatic winding. In order to improve the stability, the famous blue Luxury replica Watches hairspring was changed, and the alloy metal was improved on the middle shaft and gears, which greatly reduced the probability of failure and won the reputation of Rolex once and for all.

Rolex is the only company that applies 904L stainless steel to the watchmaking field. Even if it is not successfully developed by Patek Philippe, it can be seen that Rolex's technology and sincerity. At present, the replica Rolex Green Water Ghost uses this unique and mysterious 904L steel material. 904L stainless steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy with a chrome content of up to 21% and corrosion resistance comparable to that of precious metal materials. In 1988, Rolex took the lead in introducing 904L stainless steel into the watchmaking field. It is by far the only company in the industry that has applied this material extensively and systematically to the manufacture of cases, crowns and straps. The manufacturing process of 904L steel is quite strict. After the first casting, the metal will be re-dissolved into a vacuum container, and the impurities contained in it will be cleaned and removed, and the quality can be confirmed by scanning with an electron microscope. Make watches. Therefore, the watch made of 904L steel has a very strong metallic texture and dazzling luster, as well as toughness and wear resistance.

Although the waterproof performance is mentioned later, this is definitely the inner ability of the green water ghost. The reason why it is called a water ghost, it is because of its super diving performance, waterproof depth of up to 300m, basically can deal with the common underwater activities of human beings, summer surfing to the beach, diving, swimming in the pool will do whatever you want, no longer replica watches have to worry about love The table is in the water.

The appearance of the emerald green makes the replica Rolex Green Water Ghost become the darling of fashion, and the fashionable fashion people can make their own favorite style according to their favorite DIY. There are belts, fiber belts, rubber bands or other accessories.